Abbas Mehrabian's Service

Teaching: Math 139, Calculus 1 with Precalculus, McGill University, Fall 2017, 250 first year students

Seminar Organization Journal Refereeing: Neural Networks, Bernoulli, ACM Transactions on Algorithms, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, Random Structures & Algorithms, Journal of Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Internet Mathematics, the Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, and Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences

Conference Refereeing: NeurIPS'20, ICALP'20, ISIT'20, NeurIPS'19, FOCS'19, COLT'19, ICML'19, NeurIPS'18, STOC'18, FOCS'17, COLT'17, STOC'17, SODA'17, ICALP'16, SODA'16, DISC'14, APPROX'14, SODA'13, SODA'12, and FUN'12

Book Reviews: Zentralblatt MATH

Expository Articles and Tutorials: English, Persian

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Last updated: 20 March 2020