Photograph shows Abbas Mehrabian in the Grands-Jardins National Park, Quebec, Canada.

Hello! Bonjour! سلام!

Update (December 2022): Watch my video clip in support of the Women, Life, Freedom movement.

I’m Abbas Mehrabian, a mathematician, freelance journalist, and Google DeepMind research scientist living in Montreal.

These activities instill meaning in my life: creating beautiful content, learning new skills, pushing my limits, building connections with others, and spending time in nature. To discover more, read my 8-page personal essay (updated in December 2023) or watch the first 25 minutes of my talk (from January 2022).

Find me on social media or email me at abbas dot mehrabian at gmail dot com.

Photograph shows Abbas Mehrabian in Saei Park, Tehran, Iran.


I was born in Pakistan in 1986, raised in Iran, and moved to Canada in 2009.

Since June 2021, I am a research scientist in artificial intelligence at Google DeepMind’s Montreal team led by Doina Precup.

With a PhD in mathematics and a graduate diploma in journalism, I have years of experience in academic research in mathematics and computer science, and I have done journalism in both English and Persian.

I love travelling, and I had lived in Tehran, Waterloo (Ontario), Melbourne, Toronto, Vancouver, and Berkeley (California) before coming to Montreal in 2017.

My hobbies include camping, cycling, reading, and photography.

Photograph shows Abbas Mehrabian in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.


At age 33, I started doing journalism because I wanted to learn more about Canadian society and have a broader impact.

So, I completed a graduate diploma in journalism at Concordia University, interned at Broadview magazine for four months, and I’m now a freelance journalist and a member of Quebec Writers' Federation, the Canadian Association of Journalists, and the Society of Professional Journalists.

At age 36, I started a Persian podcast, این قصه منه (This is My Story).

I’m interested in writing human interest stories and, in particular, social justice stories. See my English publications, English essays, and Persian publications.

Photograph shows Abbas Mehrabian anchoring a TV newscast at Concordia TV studio in December 2020.

Mathematics and computer science

I received a PhD in mathematics in 2015, and I have worked in areas such as probability theory, randomized algorithms, random matrices, random graphs, and graph theory.

My focus has been on the theoretical aspects of machine learning since 2016. Two of my best publications were:

Check out my research projects and research publications (or DBLP or Google Scholar).

Photograph shows Abbas Mehrabian holding the Governor General’s gold medal in June 2015. The Governor General’s Gold Medal certificate for Abbas Mehrabian


1. Governor General’s Gold Medal for the best PhD thesis at University of Waterloo, 2015

2. IVADO Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2018–2020 ($90,000 per year)

3. Best-Paper Award at 2018 Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, out of 4856 submissions

4. Sportsnet Diploma Scholarship in Journalism for the personal essay Love Your Neighbour as Yourself, 2021

Photograph shows Abbas Mehrabian among the theatre personnel of the Persian play Facts About Leila Daughter of Idris. Photograph shows Abbas Mehrabian in a Charlie Chaplin Costume

Other joyful activities

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